I Think Not

Choreographed by Deborah Hay. Adapted by Karl Jay-Lewin.

Deborah Hay is a leading experimental dance icon. Her uncompromising approach has inspired generations of performers and continues to drive dance forward.

“Fragile, funny, fearless, tender, vulnerable, delicate, curious and sad. It lifted my heart right out of my body … Beautifully done.” Jennifer Cantwell

“Jay-Lewin clearly has an adroit feel for the absurd. With great sincerity, he managed to create a place of otherworldliness and inhabit it with such conviction and subtlety it was difficult not to be mesmerised. One of the highlights of my Fringe 2012.” Michael Sherin 

“He soared through the room with a gripping delivery that never failed to draw you into his world….Work so beautiful and powerful to behold that you cannot fail to be moved.” Michael Wilson, Broadway Baby

“Brilliant… whether he wants to or not, he can’t help be funny.” Audience Member