Work & Projects

Current Projects:

Take Notes An augmented reality project by artist Jen Cantwell and Karl Jay-Lewin, with dancenorth:ar

Extremely Pedestrian Chorales
A collaboration between Karl and composer Matteo Fargion, presenting the commonplace experience of the pedestrian as an act of beauty and meaning and gentle comedy. 
Extremely Pedestrian Chorales Workshop

52 Portraits
A video portrait from the year long project by Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargion and Hugo Gledinning.

Extremely Bad Dancing to Extremely French Music
Live music & dance performance by Karl Jay-Lewin & Matteo Fargion
Performed by Karl Jay-Lewin & Tim Parkinson
‘Happily, I did see the gloriously funny / sad / lovely / rebellious Karl Jay-Lewin’s show on at the Traverse.’ Morag Deyes, Dance Base

I Think Not
Choreography by Deborah Hay & Adaptation by Karl Jay-Lewin
Deborah Hay is a leading experimental dance icon. Her uncompromising approach has inspired generations of performers and continues to drive dance forward.
‘Fragile, funny, fearless, tender, vulnerable, delicate, curious and sad. It lifted my heart right out of my body … Beautifully done.’ Jennifer Cantwell

Earlier Work 1992 – 2009
At Once (2009) Choreography by Deborah Hay & Adaptation by Karl Jay-Lewin
It’s about time (2006), Aberdeen Home (2006), No Kidding (2005-2006), Hoops,Hats and Acrobats (2005), Underbelly ( 2001-04), Generation & Every Day Life (2001,2003, Just Do Nothing (’99/00)UK and Greece, Cys (1998-00), Tinnuts (96/97), aka Blue (97/98), Bricolage (1995), Side by Side (1992)